About Us

Athletics Philosophy Statement

The organization and activities of the intercollegiate athletic program are administered under the vice-president for college programs.  Meredith’s athletic program seeks to provide a quality athletic experience and to support students in their efforts to reach high levels of skill and performance.  Toward this end, we are committed to providing all teams with adequate facilities, competent coaching, effective support and appropriate competitive experiences.  Meredith is an active member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the USA South Athletic Conference and strictly adheres to their procedures and policies.  


Meredith participates as a NCAA Division III member.  As a member of Division III, Meredith does not offer athletic scholarships.  Enjoyment and love of their sport and competition, as well as team membership, serve as primary motivation for participation.  Athletes follow the same academic requirements and standards as other students; academically they must be in good standing with the institution, be full-time students, and follow all rules of the NCAA.


Student-athletes will be amateurs in their sport and conduct themselves with integrity, fair play and good sportsmanship.  Their behavior will at all times reflect the high standards of honor and dignity that should characterize participation in competitive sports in the collegiate setting.  Of primary concern to the intercollegiate athletics program is the welfare of the student-athletes.  Administered by an academic department of the college, the athletic program maintains the same high standards required of all departments and the same commitment to the education and personal development of student-athletes.


In keeping with the College’s mission of “educating women to excel,” the intercollegiate athletics program strives to foster in students integrity, independence, and personal growth; as well as provide students with opportunities to gain knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen sport, to develop the ability to assume leadership roles within their team and other organizations, and to demonstrate responsible citizenship and respect for a diverse community.

Through participation in the Meredith College athletics program student-athletes will:
1. Develop leadership qualities that will enable them to be productive leaders within their community.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of team concepts such as respect, cooperation, attitude, roles, and responsibilities.
3. Gain knowledge and skills necessary to implement a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
4. Value and support community service.
5. Have a quality student-athlete experience, which includes competitive success.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Meredith College athletics arogram is to provide student-athletes the opportunity to achieve excellence in their academic, athletic, and personal pursuits.  The athletics program strives to enhance individual development by promoting the following core values: 

(1) Integrity: unimpaired moral principles; honesty

(2) Discipline: A state of order maintained by training and control; a particular system of regulations for conduct

(3) Respect: to hold in high estimation or honor; to treat with consideration

(4) Responsibility: A trust, obligation, or duty; ability to meet obligations; trustworthiness.